Solar Powered Traffic Control Systems

As the economy of the nation improves, there has been an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads. This has caused an increase in the rate of motor accidents at our junctions and on our highways in the recent past especially in the nights. This occurrence during the day is not unconnected with the day fatigue experienced by our traffic control officer who had been standing for hours. In the night, as we know they are not usually on duty. Traffic Control signals can be installed but can sometimes prove ineffective due to regular interruptions in the power supply (PHCN). For this reason we wish to introduce our solar powered LED traffic control system.

This system has been carefully designed and proven to ensure that there is automatic, smooth and uninterrupted Traffic control and thus increasing safety of life both in the day and night with or without the control officer. These solar powered LED traffic control systems are programmed to allow real time control based on a thorough survey of the traffic flow, taken into consideration the dull time and peak periods as well as weekend and holidays.

Conventional traffic control systems use incandescent laps, parabolic reflectors, color filter lenses and masks for special signs (e.g. arrows. Pedestrian crossing signals etc.). Incandescent lamps emit broad band light and consume enormous energy as about 94% of the electricity is wasted as heat and only 6% electricity is converted to light. As grid electricity is becoming costly day by day, alternative systems consuming less electricity are becoming popular